Things to Consider Before You Hire a Moving Company to Move Your Office

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Moving an office is a big step for a business. It’s not as simple as packing a few boxes and walking out of the space. With hundreds of moving companies out there, it’s not very common for the move to go smoothly without any issues. Therefore, looking for a moving company that delivers a high quality service can be overwhelming, so here are some things to consider before you hire a moving company to move your office.

Plan in advance

Moving companies work on tight schedules and deadlines. Therefore, plan your move at least 2 months in advance and start the search for the company as soon as you decide to move. A good and experienced company makes the office move hustle and stress-free.

Get recommendations from friends or family

Real-time references and recommendations are one of the best ways to consider a moving company to move your office. Ask around among friends or family members if someone knows a person who moved the office with a moving company.

Hire the mover with insurance

Before you make a final decision on hiring a mover, make sure the company you chose has insurance, along with a license, manpower, experience, and resources. Not everyone operates according to the same system, and as you’ll be moving to a new office you need to hire the right one.

Taking an inventory

A trustworthy moving company will make a record of all your belongings and determine the weight and bulk of your move. The estimator should be accurate and check all of your storage places including. A big part of the final price is based on the weight of your belongings and space they take up in the truck. Make sure you understand this assessment and that it’s as precise as possible.

Get a meticulous walk-through

An estimator who does a quick walk-through of the office without taking notes on what you intend to move is a red flag. A good one will ask questions about what you intend to take from your current office to the new one. Hence, tell the person which items you don’t want on the truck.

Don’t pay a large sum in advance

Reliable moving companies don’t ask for cash or a big amount as a security deposit before moving. You should only pay after the delivery. However, if the company asks for a small down payment always use your credit or debit card to help protect you from possible fraud.

Always read the contract

Never sign a contract without reading it from start to finish. Make sure the contract includes all the belongings and services the moving company is responsible for. You can’t file a claim for an item that isn’t listed on the inventory form.

Don’t forget to include the mover’s estimate and some extra fees, as well as pick-up and delivery dates.

Know the requirements of your building

If you are moving out of a shared office you need to know what are the moving requirements of your building. Knowing if there is a certain time a moving truck can be parked in front of the building or does floors need to be covered during the moving process can be quite beneficial for both sides. Hence, speak to the superintendent of the building as soon as you start the process of moving.

Pack with caution

Don’t forget that when packing your office supplies and furniture, you are packing up the important items that help you run a successful business. Be sure to pack the file cabinets correctly, do extra research, and see how to accurately wrap your electronic devices before the move.

Number or label the boxes

Similar to any moving process, numbering or labeling the boxes full of your office inventory is an important step. The best practice of labeling the boxes is by the rooms. Additionally, for a smoother and easier unpacking write down all the items the box includes. Apart from labeling, add numbers to your boxes and record it for your information. This works as an added insurance if a box gets lost. You’ll instantly know which one it was.

Alternatively, if you wish to be discreet about your belongings and the inventory written on top of the boxes, number them and take notes on a separate piece of paper for your reference.

Timely report any issues

Typically, you have nine months to report any issues you might have with the moving company and register an insurance claim. Therefore, if you open a box a year later and find something damaged, you can’t do anything.

Instead, on the moving or following several days, open each box and look through them to check for damage or lost items.

The company has 30 days to accept the claim receipt. Afterward, within 120 days of receiving the claim, the company denies or makes an offer.

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