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Moving in NYC can be hectic. With the traffic, busy streets, and sometimes difficult buildings to move in and out of, it isn’t a place where you should move. With over 20 years of experience as movers in New York City, Relo is the go-to moving company for local moves. Relo handles moves in all five boroughs. Whether you’re moving from the Upper East Side of the Bronx to a neighborhood in Queens or SoHo, Relo Moving knows how to move in New York.



A move is considered local if you are simply moving within 60 miles of your current location in NYC. In New York City, it only takes a couple of miles to be in a different world. Just because you’re only moving 5 miles away doesn’t mean you should take it lightly. Although you may face difficulties in moving, a move across New York with Relo can go smoothly.

We know the area, have the experience and team, and are always learning more about the best moving practices. Choose safety, experience, and efficiency. Hire the best, and keep your belongings safe.


New York City

People are constantly moving to different parts of New York. The city is big, with many different areas. Whether you’re moving to be closer to a loved one, for a new job opportunity, or to explore a new part of town, it’s important to trust your move to the right moving company.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a local moving company in New York:

  • Familiarity with NYC – Although most New Yorkers know their way around parts of the city, many aren’t deeply familiar with the city as a whole. A trustworthy moving company will know the city inside and out. From finding the right routes to your new home to understanding both the moving-from location and moving-to location, you want a moving company that knows New York. 
  • Availability – You want to be able to reach your movers before, during, and after the move. Relo Moving excels in being available to each and every client. You may have a question and need a quick answer, or perhaps an issue pops up and you need to make a change to the move. You can reach us any time via phone or email so we can answer any questions or address any problems along the way. 
  • Local Knowledge and Tricks – Local moving companes generally have a good connetion with their clients. A good moving company, like Relo Moving & Storage, will have resources for you, know the experiences and struggles of moving in this city, and have actionable tips and tricks. Unlike many of our competitors, we are actually based in New York City and have lived here for many decades.
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The customer comes first, and we know that at Relo. We’re here to support you, available for questions, and ready to meet your needs.

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As a family-run business, we have always operated with love. We care for you, your belongings, and your family throughout the process.

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Relo’s team is the most reliable and safe available. We know all of the tricks to keep your belongings secure, and appreciate your trust.

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It’s not just about cheap or expensive. We aim to make our moving services both top of the line and affordable to the everyday New Yorker.


In addition to simply moving your belongings, Relo has a set of extra services to make your move easier.

  • Packing Services – Packing and unpacking is simply one of the most time-consuming and difficult parts about moving. Allow Relo to handle this process for you, packing and unpacking your items with security and efficiency.
  • Carpentry – Relo has a team of carpenters to help with the more serious tasks that need to be handled in your new home. Let go of stress as we take care of your carpentry needs.
  • Handyman Services – In addition, we offer a variety of handyman services. We will help you hang mirrors and curtains, set up appliances, and do much more in your new home. That is what makes us one of the best local movers NYC. 


Whether you want a free moving estimate or to chat with one of our professional movers, you can reach us by filling out the contact form below.