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You can determine the value of a top NYC moving company through the pick-up and storage offers they provide. This is something that makes Relo NYC stand out from the rest of the competition. Local movinglong distance moving services we provide all types of pick-up and storage moves in NYC and leave customers stress and worry-free in terms of their relocation

We have worked long and hard to establish a strong foothold within the moving industry, and have the results to show for it. So, we invite you to take a look and explore what it is that our moving and storage company NYC can do for you and your move. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

With Relo NYC, you need not trouble yourself with any of the tough tasks and obligations of moving. We will take care of the relocation from beginning to end for you, and for a bargain. Most people tend to underestimate the complexity of moving while they overestimate their own capabilities to handle the relocation by themselves. This is why we are here to provide excellent pick-up and storage moving services NYC in 4 efficient steps:

  1. Mapping out and planning your relocation
  2. Packing and loading phase
  3. Transportation and unloading
  4. Relaxation and peace of mind for a job well-done

We start by having you contact us directly for an exact quote. Our experienced personnel will look into the amount of items you have for moving and plan out an inventory. Note that you can also comprise an inventory list of all your belongings. This will prove good for both you keeping track that everything arrived safely, as well as confirming that the Relo NYC crew hasn’t forgotten to include anything.


The next step is making agreeing on the moving services NYC price and date of the relocation. We guarantee that there will be no hidden fee since that is not how we operate. The dates are negotiable but we do advise booking as early as possible, as we have many clients looking to do the same.


Finally, once we have everything set and agreed upon, we map out the actual relocation from point A to point B. Our movers are acquainted with the state of New York, especially the Big Apple. This is why you need not worry about logistics and planning, given that we will create a detailed plan of all this for you. After all, that is what we do and what is included in our relocation assistance NYC.

As we mentioned, we have several packing plans you can choose from. Our NYC moving supplies are top-quality and will ensure that your valuables are kept safe during the relocation process. When it comes to our packers, they are all well-trained in their job and are more than ready to handle any type of packing obstacle. No matter how large or robust the item, they will find the optimal way to pack and load it onto the truck. All your boxes will be properly packed and labeled so as to avoid confusion during the unpacking. This saves a lot of time, no matter if it will be you or us doing the unpacking.

As we already mentioned, New York City is our home, which is why we know every corner of it. As a local moving company NYC, we have all the required knowledge of the state we are operating in. This doesn’t just assume knowing the map well.


Our professionals know exactly which routes are crowded during certain periods of time. Also, we know what are the best routes depending on the size of the moving truck. All providers of moving services NYC should absolutely know this. Because if they don’t know their way around, it can sabotage the entire move altogether. You can rely on Relo NYC to have all the necessary information and NYC moving tips you need. We know the best routes to deliver your personal items to their final destination on time. Also, we are able to determine the right size of the moving truck or van for your move.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t like to come bearing down on our clients with strict professionalism. Relo NYC believe that relocating should be fun and exciting, no matter if you are moving your home or office. The point is that we make it our objective that you enjoy your relocation by letting our moving services NYC handle all the work. This way we ensure maximum satisfaction from our clients, and positive feedback. So all you need to do in order to secure a stress-free NYC relocation is:

  1. Contact us and schedule a moving date.
  2. Sign a contract with us.
  3. Let us handle the entire relocation.
  4. Pay us and shake our hands.

It’s as simple as that. In & out with no headaches or troubles whatsoever. This is how each relocation should look like. And with our moving service NYC, this is how each of our moves plays out. So if you have any questions or doubts, just reach out to Relo NYC and we will gladly answer everything and put your mind at ease.

As long as you are going to hire professional movers for your NYC relocation, you might as well make sure that you will get the full package. After all, what use is there for hiring a moving crew that is unable to handle packing or storage needs. Perhaps you have some specialized items that you need to take with you, but the movers are not qualified enough to handle them. Or you might want to move outside the state of New York, but they only offer local moving services NYC. These are just some of the scenarios, mind you.

However, what you should come to expect from reliable moving companies NYC is full coverage. And companies such as Relo NYC are capable to cover every step of your moving process. This of course includes ones that you might not have need for (but they are good to have just in case). So what it is that a high-quality company such as our own can provide you with in terms of services:

  • Local moving services NYC
  • Long distance migration services NYC
  • Commercial and residential relocation projects
  • Packing & Unpacking services
  • Storage services NYC

No matter if you are relocating around the corner in Brooklyn or outside of NYC, we have the moving crews NYC to make it happen. We will make sure that you receive a full-service relocation, from packing to moving and storage. And we will do all this by providing you with the same treatment we would offer to our own family & friends.


Relo NYC is a moving company that you can trust with your belongings because we understand the importance they bear. After all, this is what we do from day to day, and so on for the last couple of years.

We have moving crews that excel in all types of pick-up and storage services NYC – be it your:

  • House/apartment – residential moving NYC comes easy to us, since it is something we most often do. NYC might not be as family-oriented as New Jersey, but it offers plenty of opportunities for a suitable lifestyle. So, from condos to full-on mansions, we have moved it all and without any complications.
  • Business/warehouse – you will hardly find more professional commercial movers in NYC. And this is something you want when you plan to relocate your business. We recognize expansion and growth from personal experienced, and fully support it. This is why we have expert commercial moving services NYC – to accommodate the relocation needs for any type of work space or warehouse.

Let’s be realistic, packing your belongings in boxes is a complete waste of your time. Time that you can spend doing other and far more productive tasks. And unless you are really sensitive and sentimental about your current home, why bother with packing when someone else can do it for you. Our moving services NYC include all types of packing arrangements:

We have plenty of packing arrangements for you – all you need to do is choose which one you prefer.

  1. Packing on your own – you get the supplies, pack the boxes and we stop by to load and transfer the items.
  2. Self-packing with our packing supplies – we offer all type of packing supplies for your convenience (smaller or bigger boxes, protective wrapping, packing paper, scissors etc.)
  3. Packing with our help and advice – you handle most of the packing and leave the hard lifting to us. We specialize in packing and moving furniture, pianos, dressers etc.
  4. Full-service packing NYC – where we have our experienced crews handle every step of the packing process for you, from beginning to end. You can focus your efforts on other tasks.

NYC Storage services. During any relocation you conduct, it is important to have safe-guards in place, to make sure that all your belongings remain safe. At other times, you will simply realize that you have too much belongings and not enough space for them all. And it is at this point when the need for storage arises. So Relo NYC is here to provide you with the option to have your valuables safely stored away until the day you might have room for them comes.

The storage units we provide can be at your disposal both short-term and long-term. We offer each customer short-term storage with every estimate and they can extend that time period as they please for an additional time based fee. The facilities we use are secure and accessible, so you need not worry about break-ins or the safety of your possessions. In order to ensure that no matter what items you store, they will be kept in mint condition, we provide climate-controlled pick-up and storage units in NYC for your usage.

Once we pick up and place your items in NYC storage, we will deliver them to your final destination upon your request. Whenever you are ready to receive your items, we schedule your delivery accordingly and update you on your delivery date. We usually ship items right away once delivery is requested and are always on time as expected.

A good and reputable moving company can provide other services as well. Why is this important? Well, any move, no matter how far you are going, is stressful and exhausting. Even if it isn’t all of that, there is still a lot to be done. It is difficult to hire different companies for different parts of the relocation. Then, you would have to track them. That is why we offer a variety of pick-up and storage services in NYC to our clients:

  • Carpentry – If there is a lot of work to be done in your apartment, you don’t have to lose a lot of time and energy doing it without proper training. Our carpenters will take care of that for you.
  • Handyman & electrical services NYC – This also goes for all sorts of issues you might have in your old place or any work you need to be done to your new one. Dealing with these when you are untrained can cause potential problems. However, we put safety first. Contact us, and we will do it for you quickly and efficiently. That is what makes us one of the best movers NYC.

If you are still having doubts about the services we provide, just consider everything we offer. No matter the type of relocation you are planning, we have the capabilities to assist you. Our movers possess the extensive knowledge and expertise to provide the best solutions for your move. The equipment we use is of modern design and high-quality. Our services are affordable so as to fit your budget limitations. Put your trust in us and we guarantee that you will no regret it! Call Relo today and get your free estimate!


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