The safety of your child is a top concern of every parent. As a family-run business, we take the wellness of the whole family very seriously. Here at Relo Moving, we help families babyproofing house services during the move. From securing large furniture to assembling baby items, we make sure you, your family, and your items are all protected during the moving process.

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Our experienced team will help you identify the potential dangers in your home for you and your family.

nyc movers, babyproofing house services


Receive professional recommendations from the Relo team on keeping your home safe for your children.

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Relo’s movers will go through each room systematically in a full safety inspection with our checklists.

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With countless moves behind our belts, you can trust the Relo family to help keep your family safe.


Relo has helped hundreds of families in New York City babyproof their homes. We take a lot of work off your hands, including research, bringing the right tools, and having the know-how to install childproofing measures.

Relo movers have all of the equipment, knowledge, and care to make sure your home is secure and your child protected. We secure furniture, make sure no wires or chemicals are exposed and offer professional recommendations on working with difficult corners, doors, windows, and more. We treat your family like we treat our own, making sure the problem areas are all addressed.

Inspections & Evaluations

Upon arriving to your new home, Relo will help you identify the potential safety concerns present. We perform a room-by-room evaluation and provide an in-depth assessment of issues. Along with the problems, we provide solutions. We give a clear list of problems and solutions, materials needed to babyproof, and what the costs and processes will be to install the necessary material. You can decide what to do based upon your budget and concerns, and we will handle the installation and fixes.


During the first few years of life, your child is growing, establishing personality, discovering the world, and building relationships. However, it’s also a period in which your baby is most vulnerable. As they start moving around, the dangers in the home can seem overwhelming at times. There’s no better time to get babyproofing house services than the moment you arrive.

When is the right time to start babyproofing your home?

As you may know, babies aren’t likely to start moving around in the first few months of life. Regardless, you can get a head start and start the process of baby-proofing before your child is up and moving around.

Children love to explore, to learn, and to engage the world with boundless curiosity. Although this is a beautiful process to observe, it also presents difficulties. From opening cabinets to pulling books off shelves, there are many ways your baby can accidentally cause themselves harm. Relo has years of experience baby-proofing homes, and can help you from the first moments in your new space.


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