Upper East Side

Why Move to Upper East Side

Also known as UES, is an affluent neighborhood in Manhattan, bordering the East River, the 96th Street, the 59th Street, and Fifth Avenue & Central Park. It includes a number of smaller neighborhoods within this territory, such as Yorkville, Lenox Hill, and Carnegie Hill.

The wealthy denizens, posh housing facilities, designer stores and boutiques, and fancy restaurants make Upper East Side an upscale neighborhood with. You’ll cross several high rise apartments here, with exquisite rooftop settings. However, the most captivating feature of the neighborhood has to be Central Park on the west, with its lush greenery in the summer, a natural assortment of colors in spring and fall, and snow-covered landscape in winter.

Given the elegance and luxurious lifestyle of the Upper East Side, it’s a favorite among New Yorkers who wish to live lavishly. You can find all sorts of amenities here, further enhancing your living experience.

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Moving Company in Upper East Side

Packing all of your belongings in cartons after cartons isn’t exactly fun or easy. It’s especially exhausting if you’ve been living in your (now former) home for several years and have everything arranged a certain way. Having to take it all apart and putting it in boxes is tiring, to say the least. And then of course there’s the whole issue about how you’ll get them to your new home. Oh, and let’s not forget about the furniture, electronic appliances and gadgets, and your fragile home décor items!

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In addition to local, long-distance, and commercial moving, our services also include:

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