First Things to Do After Moving to New York

First Things To Do After Moving to New York NYC

Despite the high cost of living, expensive real estate, and the city’s lifestyle, New York does attract many to experience something unique and different. So, your wish did come true, and you finally moved to New York. But now what? The capital of beauty, fashion, and publishing, the Big Apple can quickly become an overwhelming place to live. Adjusting can be tough, so allow yourself some time to get familiar with the city. And to help you with your transition, here are some of the first things to do after moving to New York.

Arrange your apartment to maximize the space

When renting a house in New York, chances are you’ll end up in a tiny apartment. Living in a small flat may present few concerns, in particular, if you aren’t used to having a limited space. There are several ways to maximize your space and create a homey atmosphere.

Turn your creativity on and make the most out of what you have. Start by decluttering all the unused items and keep only those things that have some value for you. Look for inspiration on Pinterest on how to arrange tiny apartments with proper furniture layout and right decor items. This can help you visually expand the space and fit in your belongings.

Familiarize yourself with your neighborhood

As a newcomer, you are excited and eager to see what New York has to offer, but first, take a long walk around your neighborhood to find out local stores, pharmacies, bars, and restaurants. Assuming you’ve researched the area before your move to New York, you’ll find places of interest easily.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself to your neighbors. If you are a social person, you’ll easily meet people to give you all sorts of tips for living in New York. More importantly, stay open-minded and optimistic. Once you know your area relatively well and have identified a few places to enjoy meals, you’ll feel more comfortable. 


Understand that New York is a big grid

When looking at the map of New York City, you might think that it would be very easy to get lost here. However, there’s no reason to do so. All you need to do is to remember that the streets increase in number going north, while the avenues go up towards west with a few names in between. When you figure this simple system out, you can forget the subway and walk a few blocks to your destination.

Learn to buy groceries on the sidewalks

Groceries in New York are extremely expensive, but not at the fruit stands on the sidewalks. This small lifehack can make a huge difference in your monthly expenses. Fruits and veggies sold on those fruit stands are fresh, delicious, and cheap. Carry a reusable tote and grab them on the go wherever you come across them.

Join a social group

No matter if you are an introvert or an extremely social person, join a social group for all the tips and information on what’s happening around the neighborhood and in the city, or for networking opportunities. There are dozens of Facebook groups or try Googling some other if you prefer. Also, find a group with common interests or professions, so you can also meet like-minded people.

Joining such groups is beneficial in knowing that you are not the only one figuring it all out. Someone has undergone the same thing and can give you some advice. 

Swap out your clothes

One thing you’ll notice as you move to New York is that winters here are harsh. And with busy days starting from an hour-long train ride to work and then heading to a happy hour means that you need comfortable, trendy, and basic clothes that can transition throughout the day with you. Make sure you buy a comfortable and warm coat, boots, and thermals to bear the cold winter months.

Don’t throw out unwanted things in the trash

Here, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, literally. While wandering the streets of your neighborhood, you’ll most likely notice that it’s customary in New York to deposit unwanted furniture, books, clothes, anything, out on the curb next to the garbage for a passerby to pick them up. You might even discover that a strange local tradition can produce an unique find.

Buy a map and a MetroCard

Forget catching caps in New York. Instead, learn how to navigate yourself in the subway. And if you’ll be using it daily, get yourself an unlimited MetroCard, which actually is cheaper than paying per swipe.

Acknowledge blocks vs. avenues, the speed of walkers, and the fact that it will take you longer than shown on Google Maps.

Get good and comfortable shoes

You’ll be walking in New York more than you might have imagined. Therefore, you’ll need strong, durable, and comfortable shoes with great sole support. Having good footwear from the beginning will save you a lot of physical pain later.

Learn to outsource various services

Once you get a hang of how New Yorkers live and accustomed to their lifestyle, you’ll see that locals are extremely busy people. Therefore, there’s a market full of apps to allow outsourcing various services such as food delivery, online grocery shopping, dog walking, and even washing your laundry.

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