Staten Island

Why Move to Staten Island

Staten Island is perhaps the most underrated borough in New York City, often sidelined in comparison to the more popular ones such as Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a popular residential area as well as a hub for commercial activity.

Staten Island provides its residents the chance to live pretty much any kind of lifestyle. For those who prefer suburban living, the cost of living in Staten Island’s suburbs is far less than in some of the other neighborhoods. People who enjoy living near the beach can find comfortable beach homes and apartments in the borough overlooking the shore. And for those who want to experience city life, the urban neighborhoods in Staten Island are the perfect place to relocate to.

The borough is also a haven for individuals who like outdoor activities. From the many parks and hiking rails to the ferry rides and unique island adventures, Staten Island has it all. The affordability of the area has further boosted its popularity among New Yorkers.

Planning on relocating to Staten Island? Let our team of professional movers help you.

Moving Company in Staten Island

Let’s be honest; relocating from one neighborhood to another isn’t easy. It’s especially daunting if the move requires you to pack up your things from a house you’ve lived in for decades and move halfway across the city to start a new life.

Our team at Relo Moving is here to make the process easier and less stressful. As a 5-star moving company that has been operating in NYC for several years, we’ve got some of the most trained and experienced moving experts on our team.  Specializing in packing and transporting all kinds of belongings, our reliable movers have helped countless residents relocate to—and from—Staten Island hassle-free.

Be it a long-distance move or one just across a few streets, we’ve got your back! We’ll even help you unpack your boxes and set up your furniture and electronics in your new home to help you settle in. Our moving experts will customize our service as per your needs to make sure your move is as easy, comfortable, and convenient as possible.

Our services include:

  • Local moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Long-distance moving
  • White glove services
  • Packing & unpacking
  • Babyproofing
  • Storage services
  • Handyman services

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