Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Many moves are difficult, but some are more exhausting than others. Relocating long distance is one of the most challenging moves, but you don't have to do it alone. Relo Moving has a team of professionals to help from beginning to end. You have enough on your plate with research, organizing your family, and making many small decisions. Let Relo handle the groundwork and make your move seamless and painless. Here at Relo Moving, we are not just your movers; we're your partners. As an experienced long distance moving company in NYC, we will help you make New York your new home.


More About Long Distance Moving services

Making a long distance move to New York City requires a lot of planning. Whether you're coming from another state or the other side of the country, a qualified long distance moving company will make your life easier.

Things to know about long distance moving

When you move over 100 miles away, you are moving long distance. Moving across the street can be difficult enough, and long distance relocation often brings a new set of challenges. Here are a few things you need to know about moving long distance.

  • Movers need to know local laws in New York – As you may know, different states, counties, and cities have different laws and regulations. Crossing state lines and arriving in NYC, your movers need to be up to date on all of the necessary regulations. It isn't your job to study local laws; it is ours. As our client, you are expected to be honest about the items being transports. As your movers, it is our job to offer advice, come up with effective solutions, and make sure the move goes smoothly. This is one of many reasons you should hire an experienced moving company like Relo.
  • Moving companies should know the ins and outs of the business – Relo has handled hundreds of long distance moves. From handling tricky staircases to finding the best routes on your way to your new home, we have done it all. We have a deep understanding of the best moving procedures, routes across the city, and loading and unloading in New York. Our expertise in long distance moves to New York will help pave the way for you in your new life here.
  • NYC movers need all of the tools and materials – It's one thing to move an old couch down a stairs with some friends. It's another to move all of your belongings and your whole life to a new city. Transporting your possessions for miles and miles is something that should be trusted only to reputable long distance movers. Having the right moving equipment, well-maintained trucks, and the professionals who know how to handle them will make sure everything is well cared for and safe during the process.


relo moverMoving long distance requires a plan, and it requires precise execution of the move. There are many things that the average mover doesn't consider, but a moving company like Relo will have under control. Not having all of the information is easily one of the most common mistakes people make during a long distance move.

What's important is to know all of the tiny details. You will need to know what tasks need to be completed, who will be completing the tasks, what the weather will be like on moving day, current road closures, traffic status, holiday schedules, and much more. These seemingly little details can ripple out across the moving experience if not handled appropriately. However, a moving company with experience in these types of moves will have all of the details planned and accounted for.

Another mistake people make when moving themselves long-distance is packing incorrectly. You're not just filling a suitcase for a vacation, or packing your car full of your stuff for a move across town. With miles of road ahead of you, you will need to make sure your belongings are packed securely and with care. With all of the necessary packing supplies and packing services, we will help you overcome any obstacles.

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