How to Pack Your Shoes for Moving - 5 Professional Tips

How to Pack Your Shoes for Moving - 5 Professional Tips

Packing all of your things up can be overwhelming to say the least. It is often time-consuming, and a lot of little decisions to be made. One thing that many people wonder is how to pack shoes for moving. Packing your shoes is something you should give your attention to and do right. Without proper care, shoes can easily get damaged or ruined during the relocation.

Whether you want to know how to pack shoes to save space, or how to pack your expensive shoes or favorite pair, here are 5 tips from our experts here at Relo Moving.

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Choose Which Shoes to Bring

Before packing any of your shoes up, start by deciding which pairs you need to bring. Moving is a great opportunity to clean house and simplify. Look at your shoes and investigate if you really need every pair you own. Are there certain shoes you rarely or never wear? Lighten your load as much as possible before getting to the packing phase.

You may consider selling some shoes online, or having a garage sale. Maybe you have a few old pairs you can give away to somebody in need. There are always options for getting rid of extra pairs of shoes.

Stuff Your Shoes

When you go to pack your shoes, you can stuff them full of things to help in several ways. First, the inside of your shoe is often wasted space during the move. Instead of leaving empty space, stuff your shoes with socks, underwear, or other small and soft items. The closet is one place you may consider for your first things to pack when moving, and this is a great place to start.

Furthermore, this will help take care of your shoes during the moving process. Shoes that are stuffed will retain their shape much better than empty shoes. Especially with your more expensive pairs, make sure you fill them fully.

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Wrap Shoes Individually

We know. This is time consuming and can seem like a hassle. But to really pack your shoes the right way for you move, you should wrap your nicer ones individually. If you have dress shoes, shoes made of leather, or other expensive pairs, you’ll want to take good care of them.

You can use a little bit of packing wrap around each shoe to keep them safe and nice during the move. Before moving on to the next step, take the few extra minutes to wrap your footwear correctly. Avoid scuffs, scratches, and other damage.

Use Shoeboxes For Nicer Pairs

For the nicer pairs of shoes (or any shoes you care about a lot), use a shoebox! You can find shoe boxes online or save your old ones. Take care to follow the other tips for packing your shoes. Fill them with socks, wrap them if you want to protect from scuffing, and then put them in their shoe box.

You can also use the empty space in the shoe box as more space for small items. Fill the spaces in the box with soft items like socks, underwear, or towels to keep the shoes from bouncing around too much and to take advantage of the space.

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Keep Everything Airy

This is a true pro tip. Many people make mistakes here, and it can ruin shoes. When you put some pairs away in a box or moving truck for an extended period of time, they may grow moldy. This is especially true with leather shoes.

There are many guides out there on how to dry out shoes you can find. Figure out which one will work for you, and give your shoes some air before packing them away in a closed and dark space for any period of time.

Whatever you decide to do, take care in packing your shoes. Reach out to us if you have any questions, or hire a professional company to handle the packing and unpacking for you!

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