7 Best Neighborhoods in Queens to Move To

7 Best Neighborhoods in Queens to Move To

Finding your new home in New York can be tough. In a city of over 8 million people and multiple boroughs divided into individual neighborhoods, you may not know where to start. Although many people look first at Manhattan or Brooklyn, Queens should definitely be on your list. There are many wonderful communities and neighborhoods in Queens worth considering for your new home.

Our list of the best neighborhoods in Queens is not in any particular order, as different people may find different areas more fitting for their lifestyle.

  • Long Island City
  • Bayside
  • Jamaica Estates
  • Ridgewood
  • Forest Hills
  • Astoria
  • Sunnyside
long island city

Long Island City

Long Island City is a hotspot right now in Queens. New restaurants are popping up all over the city, there are numerous art galleries, and many historical sites. With its proximity to Manhattan and its bustling vibe, this neighborhood is about as close as you can get to Manhattan without the price tag. You won’t run out of things to do and places to explore.

Whether you plan on buying a home or renting, there are a ton of options. You will find condos, row houses, apartments, and lofts available. With intense growth over recent years, Long Island City is expected to continue growing in the coming decade.

bayside neighborhood in queens


Bayside is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York. With a rich history involving a settlement in the 1600’s, a Civil War fort, and more, it is home today to one of the most open, suburban communities in the area. A bit farther away from Manhattan, Bayside is a great place to raise a family, escape the bustle of the city, and still have access to all that New York has to offer.

Bayside has a number of condos and townhouses available for rent and purchase. However, many people move to Bayside to find the single family home they’ve been looking for. Home value is on the rise, and is expected to continue its growth.

jamaica estates

Jamaica Estates

Jamaica Estates is definitely one of the expensive options on this list, but many people find it well worth the cost. With tudor homes and a suburban feel, this Queens neighborhood is home to many families. A safe and peaceful area, Jamaica Estates is definitely worth visiting.

In this area you will mainly find single-family homes. Many are for sale, while you may find some rentals available. The F line stops here, so it’s an easy subway right right into Manhattan.

living in ridgewood queens


Ridgewood is one of the more affordable areas in Queens. Because of the cost of living, it attracts many young people, new families, and people who wish to experience New York without a prohibitive price tag. There’s also a bustling artist community, and a large percent of residents are homeowners.

Ridgewood is home to many multimillion dollar mansions and condos, but you can also find reasonable homes and studios available.

moving to forest hills

Forest Hills

Forest Hills is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Queens (and in New York). With safe streets, beautiful parks, and competitive public schools, this family-friendly Queens neighborhood has it all. Forest Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the city, and you can find anything from a colonial home to a modern apartment.

astoria park


No list of areas in Queens would be complete without the well-known neighborhood of Astoria. An easy subway ride away from Manhattan, Astoria is home to many young professionals, the beautiful Astoria Park, and a lively nightlife scene.

In Astoria, you can find apartments and condos, while single family homes are rare. As one of the safer areas of Queens, Astoria is a beautiful place to call home.

sunnyside queens


Sunnyside is one of the more affordable options on this list. However, you won’t lose your sense of safety, great restauarants, or ability to travel to Manhattan. Sunnyside is known for having a nice community feel, with a lot of local shops and eateries.

You can find apartments in Sunnyside for much cheaper than Manhattan and many other parts of Queens, whether you are planning on purchasing or leasing.

Whether you need help moving, a free quote, or some storage space, be sure to contact Relo Moving when you make the move to one of these neighborhoods in Queens!

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